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20th April 2023

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Course Overview

Any powerful construction requires a sturdy foundation. This was the guiding principle behind the creation of this Basic Photography Course. Get the maximum output of your camera in all situations. Understand the fundamental concepts of how a camera works and how to control the amount of light entering the camera. Begin your journey into the huge world of photography on the right path.

Anatomy of DSLR or mirrorless cameras
Exposure Triangle
Depth of Field
Top Skills You Will learn

After completing this course you’ll be able to take full control of your equipment and shoot as per your desire.

Who Is This Course For?

If you wish to sharpen your skill or have a serious hobby or knack for photography and wish to document your life in a better way, you must consider taking this course.


Course Syllabus

  • Lens
  • Shutter
  • Diaphragm
  • Learn to gain a control on your camera and also shooting as per your desire.

  • Learning about Shutter Speed or Exposure time.
  • Learning about Aperture opening or
  • Learning about ISO.
  • Achieving the right combination of these three parameters to achieve the desired
  • Exposure or brightness in your picture.

  • Reading inbuilt light meter and understanding exposure compensation.
  • Auto Exposure Bracketing.

  • Shutter Priority Mode
  • Aperture Priority Mode
  • Program and other auto modes
  • Knowing and practising different Photography techniques, like panning, zooming
  • shooting action etc, using these different semi auto modes

  • Normal Lens
  • Telephoto Lens
  • Wide Angle Lens
  • Zoom Lens and Prime Lens
  • Crop Factor
  • Choosing the right lens as per your desire and also lens substitutes or auxiliary lenses

  • Factors affecting depth of field - Shooting Distance, Focal Length, Aperture Opening
  • Understanding of depth of field in every situation
  • Outdoor portrait using shallow DOF or Bokeh

  • Phase Detection AF
  • Contrast Detection AF
  • Dual Pixel Auto Focus
  • Different Auto Focus modes in Camera ( Single, Continuous)

  • Achieving the right framing for long exposure Photography
  • Showing the contrast between stationary elements and moving elements
  • Choosing the right settings of shutter speed and and use of ND filter

  • Rule Of Space
  • Rule Of Thirds

  • RGB Spectrum
  • Hue Saturation and Luminance
  • White Balance
  • Filters in Digital Photography and its uses in enhancing the properties of the lens
  • Introduction to outdoor photography
  • Introduction to Indoor Photography using studio lights
  • File Formats - RAW, JPEG, TIFF etc and printing resolution









The VIPI Advantage

Hands - On Training

We provide extensive training on high end photographic gears in various outdoor locations as well as in our fully equipped studio.

Real-time Practicals

For the first time, as a photography institute, we are providing you with the opportunity to apply your theoretical knowledge in real-world circumstances.

Commercialize your skills

In addition to covering FASHION, WEDDING, and PRODUCT photography thoroughly, we also assist our students in developing their own brand presence


Our customers love what we do

Empowering learners of tomorrow

What's Included in the Price

  • Advanced Certificate without Quitting Your Job
  • Alumni Status from VIPI
  • Hands-on Experience with the Latest Tools
  • Hiring Opportunity from Uber, Microsoft and More
  • No Cost EMI


Frequently Asked Questions

No, you may start practicing on our camera and may consider purchasing your own camera after you have learned some basics of photography. However, it is recommended to bring your own camera in case you have one.

This course can definitely help you in getting started in the field of photography. You can be offered internships in PR agencies, or press photography, etc.

Spending on your performance and compliance you can be shortlisted to assist on one of our live projects and images can be used as a part of your portfolio.

Ready to get started?

We invite you to study the art of photography at one of the most prominent and best photography institute in and around Mumbai and Navi Mumbai